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Do you want to take your health to the next level? Do you want a physician that takes the time to listen and understand your specific healthcare concerns and develop a custom approach to your treatment? Dr. Jennifer King has practiced for over 19 years and is board certified in primary care and integrative medicine. Dr. King combines conventional and integrative medicine to treat your “whole” person. Dr. King provides personal lifestyle medicine to create a happier and healthier life. Her approach includes preventative care, nutrition, and stress reduction. Each of these areas complements the others, and is applied to meet your individual needs. Dr. King will work with you as a partner on your journey to health, wellness and vitality. Take a proactive approach to your health today!

Preventive Care

By taking a proactive approach instead of a reactive one, we can prevent medical conditions before they start. As a primary care physician and integrative medicine doctor, Dr. King is as passionate about your health as you are.


Extra weight can be both the result and the cause of any number of lifestyle or health issues. With personal, one-on-one attention, Dr. King gets to the heart of your symptoms and treats you not as a number, but as a whole patient.

Lifestyle Medicine

Small changes to sleep, diet and exercise can make a huge difference. Partner with Dr. King to assess your current lifestyle practices, determine changes to improve your health and develop a personalized plan that works for you.

What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is an annual membership program that provides direct, one-on-one access to Dr. Jennifer King for all of your health needs. Through this patient-driven model of care, Dr. King develops a close relationship with each patient and prioritizes preventative care, lifestyle changes and personalized integrative medicine treatments.

Dr Jennifer King

Meet Dr. Jennifer King

Concierge Medicine Doctor

Hi, I’m Dr. Jennifer A. King. My goal is to help my patients experience health care in a whole new way. I closely review your medical history, discuss your daily routine and partner with you to develop a holistic health care plan. I treat you as a whole patient and provide access to a wide range of alternative treatments and healing methods. Rather than relying solely on medications, I believe that taking the time to understand why you’re not feeling your best and addressing it directly can be much more effective. Together, we can work to create a personalized plan that includes alternative treatments and lifestyle changes to promote healing and long-term wellness.

Your health is my passion. As your concierge medicine doctor, I work closely with you one-on-one to get to the heart of your symptoms and develop personalized lifestyle strategies for better health, wellness, happiness and vitality. I am here to help you live your healthiest life!


“Dr. Jennifer has been my concierge medicine physician for years. The care she provides is absolutely unmatched. I can get a hold of her anytime night or day, and can get in to see her same day or next day. Dr. King is the only person I trust with primary care for myself and the people I love.”

– Jonas Ash

Wellness Supplements

Multi Complete

Multi Complete is a high potency multivitamin/mineral supplement with essential nutrients, active vitamins, and enhanced absorption for optimal health.

Vitamin DK Boost

Explore Vitamin DK Boost for superior absorption of vital D3 and K vitamins, fortified with enzymes for cellular repair and antioxidant defense.

Wellness Resources

In addition to my concierge medicine practice, I love to help people with their health and wellness through my podcast and newsletter. Get access to the latest health research and essential tips on how to live more healthfully through interviews and my own insights from daily practice.

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